2 Tbsp Olive Oil 1 lb Chicken, tofu (protein of choice)

Noodles – egg noodles, rice noodles, soba noodles, hearts of palm noodles

8 Cups Broth – Bone Broth or Vegetable Broth

3 Shallots chopped

4 cloves of Garlic minced

1 inch fresh Ginger grated

3 Carrots sliced

3 Celery Ribs chopped

8 fresh Thyme sprigs or 1 tsp dried

2 Bay leaves

½ cup fresh parsley chopped

Salt and Freshly ground black pepper to taste

Flexitarian Noodle Soup


In the Instant Pot set the setting to saute and heat the olive oil, add the shallots, garlic and ginger, cook until soft and translucent.  Add the carrots, celery, cook for a few minutes, add the noodles, protein, herbs and broth.  Switch the Instant Pot to Off.  Put the lid on and set to manual for 15 minutes on low pressure.  Quick release.  Taste and season with more Salt and Pepper if needed.

To serve sprinkle with chopped parsley and crusty bread, and butter.

Note:  If you don’t own an Instant Pot this can be made just as easily in a slow cooker or in a Dutch Oven on the stove top.


  1. In the Instant Pot set to ‘saute’ and add olive oil.
  2. Saute onions, garlic and ginger till soft.
  3. Add spices and cook for a few minutes.
  4. Add squash, pumpkin puree, broth and chopped coriander or parsley.
  5. Set Instant Pot on ‘Manual’ for 15 minutes.
  6. Set to ‘Warm/Off’ and ‘Slow Release’.
  7. Garnish with Spicy Pumpkin Seeds, Lime Juice and Coconut Cream.
  8. Serve in warm bowls with warm crusty bread.


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