My name is Sue Mullinger, I am a Nutritional Therapist in the Salisbury, Wiltshire area, working with clients wanting to get their health and life back on track.

Living life in balance all the time is a constant struggle as life never flows smoothly it is prone to ebbs and flows.  One of the tools I like to use with my clients and myself to see what areas need attention is the wheel of life.  It is an excellent tool for giving a birds’ eye view of the areas that specifically need focus and tweaking to bring the wheel into balance.  When all the areas of a person’s life are in balance the wheel will flow smoothly.  When the wheel is not in balance the wheel will be bumpy and uncomfortable.

What does it mean to live life in balance?

The wheel of life is a flexible coaching tool that gives all round view of your current life situation.  It immediately identifies areas of imbalance and helps you to create goals and set priorities based on your life vision.

As a Nutritional Therapist I use the wheel of life to help my clients see their lives from all angles.  It may not seem like their digestive issues are due to the fact that they hate their job, but it could be a contributing factor.

How to use the wheel of life

The wheel is divided up into eight to ten different categories depending on the wheel.  The wheel of life I use with my clients is divided into ten sections divided up as follows:

Family and Friends

It is a good idea to split this into two categories, as family is normally not so much of a choice and can come with a certain amount of obligation.  Friends are a choice and should be people you have fun with and you have things in common with.

Home/Work Environment

Is this in balance with the rest of the other areas of your life.

Personal Relationships

Do you have a sense of connection, belonging and support with your significant other, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend?

Physical Fitness

Do you acknowledge the importance of physical activity, nutrition and sleep?


Finding the best nutritional lifestyle that works best for your body, mind and spirit.


Taking control of your feelings to meet the demands and stresses of everyday life and create meaningful relationships.


Finding your purpose and enrichment in your work while maintaining a work-life balance.

Personal Growth

Discovering what is important to you in your life that gives you meaning and purpose

Home/Work Environment

Is this in balance with the rest of the other areas of your life.


Are you doing activities that engage your mind and develop your knowledge and skills.

Financial Security

Are you feeling satisfied and in control of your current financial situation, can you afford to do everything you want to do without feeling strapped for cash.

What our Salisbury Nutritional Therapist has to say:

I have my clients fill out the wheel of life assessment as one of the first exercises I give them to do.  Not only does it help me get to know a person, but it also helps me to know where the main focus of a person’s life needs to be at that particular moment in time. 

All the domains of wellness affect our sense of well-being.  Getting this in balance helps people put together a plan and a goal.  Setting goals and knowing what it is that is causing imbalance in our external life and our internal life helps us not only to understand what is important to us, but also how it affects our health and well-being.

When I moved from the USA to the UK it was a very stressful and disruptive time of my life.  I had set up my business as a nutritional therapist and lived in an urban environment.  Having the wheel of life as a tool to focus in on the areas I needed helped with the move, and setting up a new business as a Salisbury Nutritionist run more smoothly.  Especially as it was a completely new area to me and a whole new life.

I recommend doing this exercise periodically, how often depends on your life and health and lifestyle challenges you are facing.  Download a copy here.


If your feeling overwhelmed and suffering from health issues that seem to have no cause, give me a call for a chat.



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