Today is July 4th, a day in which the USA celebrates its independence as a country from Britain.  This will be the first year that I have not been in the states to celebrate this holiday. This has given me pause for thought on ways that holidays effect us.

Holidays are a good time to assess our everyday habits and lifestyle choices and how it affects us mentally. By taking time out from our busy lifestyles it is a good time to reconnect, reset and restore not only our minds but also set intentions to how we would like our life journey to continue once we return to our normal day to day and carry on with our lives.

Here are some steps to help us towards this goal:

The first step to reconnecting with ourselves is to reconnect with ourselves. To do that, make time for yourself away from the constant noise that exists outside of us: technology, media and advertising. 

Schedule Solitude

Some ways you can start to reconnect is to schedule a time and a place with yourself on your own. This can be as simple as a walk in the park or having a cup of tea at the local cafe. This can be extremely nourishing and fulfilling and good for the soul and wellbeing of our mental health.

Make Space For Silence

By making space for silence away from the busyness in our lives, we create a space for our own thoughts to flourish. It is also a good way to recharge the mind and body.

Consider going on a retreat where a silent mindfulness practice is held. This offers a refuge away from familiar surroundings and allows a space to turn inwards. In turn, this could kickstart our relationship with ourselves.

Let Go

Let go of all technology for as many days as you can manage. Set aside your phone and delete apps relating to news and social media during this time. Once you return to technology you can reconnect with these apps. In the absence of all technology, use this time to concentrate on people and places around you; a mini holiday for the brain if you like.

Relax and Release

Slow down and just be in the moment. Give yourself permission to not do things to experience just being idle. Release all expectations, thoughts and action. Relaxing is an excellent way to slow down the brainwaves, which refreshes and renews the brain chemistry.

Daily Practice

To extend the benefits of reconnecting, restoring, resetting with holidays, make it part of your daily routine.

The more we practice the better connected we are with ourselves and what our goals and desires are. It is very calming to the mind when it is in control and not all over the place.  The mind is a muscle and with any muscle the more you practice the stronger and more resilient it becomes.


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